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For the next five minutes, you are scheduled to glare at me like an idiot. )
What shows surprise you?   
04:01pm 11/02/2018
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This may be the gayest rambling about nothing I've ever posted...
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Halloween Cook Out Plot Post   
04:15pm 21/10/2017
Mitch and Oscar host a Halloween Party.
Saturday, October 21, Evening

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01:33pm 23/01/2017
  Is there a stereotype that people feel like you should represent or live up to? Have you had to explain that you’re not made up of particular stereotypes? What were they? How did it go? I’m not a fan of stereotypes, myself, though I get pigeon-holed into them quite often because of my sexual orientation.

An actual conversation I had in the library today. )

At that point, I got up, gathered up my things, and walked away from her, because really? I thought we were passed this kind of thing for the most part. I guess there will always be enough ignorance to go around.

P.S. If I've every accidentally stereotyped you for some reason, I am so sorry.
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11:52am 25/12/2016
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08:37pm 27/11/2016
Oscar gets an unexpected phone call Thanksgiving morning. )
02:21pm 10/11/2016
  I feel like I'm wearing a lead vest today.

Suggestions for breathing easier are welcome.
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07:37am 09/11/2016
  So, I'm curious. Now that the votes are in, what's your next step? Are you happy? Sad? Don't care at all? Like peanut butter more than jelly? Will it effect you in any way, or will you continue right on the way you were going?

This is going to be a judgement free zone, so feel free to get it all off your chest. Or, if the mood strikes you, share a really bad dad joke and carry on with your day.

I'll just say, at the end of the day, we are the people of this great country. We are still better off than a lot of places around the world. We can get along and do our thing while still being kind and respectful to one another. At the risk of sounding like a full blown hippie, love one another, strive for peace - inner and outter, and carry on.
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08:58pm 29/10/2016

Past Pumpkins come back to haunt Oscar. )
03:04pm 09/10/2016
  Football season is upon us, and I'm extremely happy about that. When I lived in Boston, on Sundays, I would to go down to the neighborhood sports bar around noon, and stay until the end of the last game. The group that I spent my Sundays with was pretty varied, old, young, business men, shop clerks, etc. We'd talk sports, eat our fill of bar food, and drink them out of beer on the regular. I haven't had the opportunity to do that yet this season, because I haven't found just the right place to go. I also have my fiance to consider. I can't dedicate all my time to football anymore, so I have to pick and choose my games and provide my own snacks and beer right now.

Who do you pull for, if you're into that sort of thing? What is your preference when it comes to game day food and drink. Would you rather watch it live or on TV? Do you do Fantasy Football? If football isn't your thing, what is?

Right now, I'm watching the Falcons closely. They're 3-1 right now, and they're playing the Broncos at 4:30 today on Fox. I'm hunkering down for that game. I'm also keeping my eye on the Saints, #whodat, but they're struggling this year, 1-3. That's ok, though. They can't go to the Superbowl every year like some teams. Who are you watching?
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11:07am 30/09/2016
  He said yes.  
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Give me your best/worst joke.   
09:40am 13/09/2016
  Something I noticed/was enlightened about over the weekend is that almost everyone finds a sense of humor attractive. Have you ever hooked up with, had sex with, dated, built a relationship with someone based on the fact that you adore their sense of humor? Is that a key factor for you?

Here is my contribution.

A woman is on trial for beating her husband to death with his guitar collection. Judge says, "First offender?" She says, "No, first a Gibson! Then a Fender!"
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I think I need a hobbie. What's yours?   
09:10am 07/09/2016
  I should really pull my head out of my ass and start participating in social media more. I have a bad habit of letting myself get swallowed up in work and forgetting that there are other things besides the mounds of paperwork and books that I surround myself by.

What do you do to get yourself out of your introverted state when things seem to be swallowing you whole?
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How crazy do you have to be to go back to school after so long?   
08:17pm 08/08/2016
  After lots of prodding and light argument and encouragement, I finally finished filling out and sending in my application to go back to grad school in order to get my doctorate. It's a redo of sorts. I applied once, years ago, right after I finished my masters, and abruptly quit because life got in the way. Though I'm happy at my current job, I have high aspirations and lofty goals for my career. It is a horrifying nerve wracking thought, though. It's going to be a huge challenge for me. I've been out of the school game for a few years, but it feels like far too many.

I was lucky that my information was still in a filing cabinet somewhere within my university. That cut down on some of the extra paperwork I would normally have had to do. I'm glad, because the hoops I am already jumping through are flaming enough. All my transcripts are in place, the papers are faxed in, the electronic forms are signed. Now, all I have to do is sit and wait for my invitation to interview.

I'm not concerned that I won't make it into the programs. I already made it through the process and got accepted once, granted that was a few years ago. I know I can pass the process without contest. I'm more concerned about the sacrifices I'm going to have to make once the acceptance letter comes. The workload is immense. I won't be able to handle that amount of work while still going to my job daily. I have no idea how I'm going to go about quitting my job. I'm going to have to look into relocating temporarily, which is probably the worst of it, because Boston University is the closest school with an accredited doctoral program for Editorial Studies. It's a dying art, but right now there is still a need for publishers and editors.

Not for the first time, and I'm sure not for the last, I'm beginning to think I really am a lot crazier than I have ever let anyone else know. Beyond that, I think my boyfriend is a lunatic for supporting me in this venture. Still, it's done, it's out there, and all I have to do right now is wait.
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05:17pm 21/07/2016
  Happy Thorsday!

I'm on my own for the rest of the week and most of the weekend. I've done a lot of exploring, but I'm looking for some suggestions. What are some of the best places to go alone in the city? I'm aware that's a vast, vague request. Maybe places that are dog friendly would be good. I'm not looking for bars or clubs, really, just to learn more of the secrets in this beautiful city. I've started to locate most of the comic book stores. What about record stores suggestions? Bookstores in general, are good too, rare as they can be these days.

On a completely unrelated note, for those of you that are into this Van Warped Tour thing or are friends with people that are into, did you watch the APMAs? I just finished catching up on them on Youtube, and I have questions since I'm new to this whole...scene.
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Lessons engaged in can be lessons learned.   
04:13pm 14/07/2016
  I should have known better, but I learned something, so it was worth it, right? )  
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What helps lifts you from a dark place?    
12:12pm 12/06/2016
mood: Should I be worried?
I guess I missed the memo about 2016 being the year of Death. I'm absolutely sick to my stomach about the shooting in Orlando. Violently sick. I can't imagine the state of things and people in Orlando right now. Have you been following the news? How do you feel about it?
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Private - Thinking about kids   
07:12pm 30/05/2016
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